Tax Incentives Group is one of the preeminent site selection and business incentives negotiation firms in the U.S.

If your company is planning an expansion, relocation or consolidation that will create significant capital investment and new jobs, we can negotiate tax & financial incentives that will potentially save your company millions of dollars over a multi-year period of time.


site selection

Whether you're building a new facility, relocating operations to a new jurisdiction or consolidating multiple facilities into one location, we can assist your corporate real estate team and outside real estate broker with the site selection process. And many times our fees for this effort can be rolled into a combined fee for service on the incentives negotiation side of the house - thereby eliminating any out-of-pocket fees upfront.

incentives negotiation

Once you have made the choice to invest in a new facility and add new jobs, there are many opportunities to negotiate various tax and financial incentives that are completely discretionary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the jurisdiction. Since we've "been there, done that", we can provide not only guidance on how to maximize the benefits, but our relationships with the economic development professionals across the U.S. helps grease the skids right out of the gate.